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Pushing the Boundaries of Targeted Protein Degradation to Improve Lives.

Plexium is the premier, next-generation targeted protein degradation (TPD) company. We lead the way in the rational design and discovery of monovalent protein degraders across a wide range of modalities.

Through our comprehensive best-in-class TPD platform, powered by a proprietary high-throughput cell-based screening (uHTS) technology, we are pushing the boundaries of TPD — creating limitless possibilities.

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Overcoming the Limitations of PROTACs and Cereblon.

Plexium's best-in-class platform propels us toward the discovery of next-generation TPD drugs that extend beyond the limited applications of heterobifunctional degraders and cereblon imids, unravelling the boundless possibilities of true drug-like protein degraders. From molecular glues to monovalent degraders, the possibilities are endless across a wide variety of therapeutic areas. There's a vast undruggable universe to be explored, and we're just getting started.

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Harnessing the Power of an Expansive Platform.

Not limited to a single TPD modality, our unique platform can discover new molecular glues, monovalent direct degraders to target proteins, and enable the discovery of novel E3 ligases. Purpose-built to expand TPD Drug Discovery, our ultra-high-throughput (UHTS) cell-based assays directly measure the degradation of one or more target proteins in a disease-relevant cellular environment, generating hit compounds that are functionally active and enabled for rapid optimization. A powerful platform with infinite potential.

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Expanding What's Possible.

We are a clinical stage drug discovery and development company dedicated to delivering targeted protein degradation therapies in areas of high unmet medical need against difficult-to-drug targets.

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Boundless Energy.
Limitless Potential.

Reimagining the field of Target Protein Degradation and venturing into the undruggable universe starts with people like you. With boundless energy and unlimited passion, we are always seeking equally bold travelers on our journey to unleash the vast potential of TPD. Learn about how we work, how we care for our team, and what you can do to help us lead the way to transform the future of drug discovery.

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The Future is Now.
The Future is at Plexium.

The opportunities to address the vast undrugged landscape are immense and exciting. We are dedicated to the discovery of new and transformative therapies that bring meaningful benefit to patients with diseases that have limited or no known treatment options. The future of medicine is now and at Plexium.

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