Delivering Breakthrough Targeted Protein Degradation Therapies

Our Portfolio

Plexium’s Pipeline is driven by its differentiated platform that supports the discovery of monovalent degrader modalities, including molecular glues and direct degraders.

Plexium Pipeline

Plexium is advancing a pipeline of novel molecular glues and direct degraders against difficult-to-drug targets for the treatment of cancer. PLX-4545, a molecular glue that selectively degrades the undruggable IKZF2 transcription factor, has advanced into a Phase 1 clinical trial. In addition, we are working to advance selective, potent degraders of therapeutically important proteins such as SMARCA2, CDK2, cRAF, and others. We are also exploring molecular glue degraders based on novel E3 ligases.

With a robust wholly owned oncology-focused pipeline, complemented with a neurodegenerative disease-focused collaboration with AbbVie, Plexium delivers breakthrough targeted protein degradation therapies to improve the lives of patients with life-threatening diseases.